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Credicorp Bank

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Panama, an international service hub

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Credicorp Financial Group is a holding company with its headquarters in the Republic of Panama. Ever since its establishment it has enjoyed continuous growth, thanks to good performance by its consolidated subsidiaries.

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Panama´s unique advantages for banking as well as other national and international financial and commercial business, including the non-existence of a central bank nor any monetary authority issuing paper currency, and the use of the US Dollar as legal tender…

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Thousands businesses trust in our e-commerce platform.
E-commerce offers the advantage of selling your products using the most advanced internet technology and receiving your payments in Panama.

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More than 20 years experience

Established in 1992, Credicorp Bank has been innovator in the banking business, creating customized products and services to meet the financial needs of our clients. Cutting edge technology and improve the quality of our service has been our hallmark.

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Branch Network

Credicorp Bank operates a network of 27 branches in the Republic of Panama, to stay close to its customers, providing all personal banking services. In addition, a representative office in Bogota, Colombia since 2007, providing banking facilities to companies doing business between Panama and Colombia.

Human Resources

Credicorp Bank´s success is no secret: all our staff works as an organized team with effective communication and a greate sense of responsibility. Each of our 800 team members share this vision and work hard to make it happens.

Banking Technology and Security

Credicorp Bank employs the latest generation of computing platform, ensuring a fast, secure and reliable transactions in all of our operation. Online banking has proven very convenient for our clients since any operation can be made anywhere in the world, with just an internet access.

Fitch Ratings

Since May 22, 2015, FITCH RATINGS upgraded Credicorp Bank (Credicorp) to “AA-” (long term) rating from “A+”. At the same time, upgraded the short term rating from “F1(pan)” to “F1+(pan)”, with stable outlook.

Worldwide access

Credicorp Online is the latest technology working for you. You will have access to your accounts 24/7 all year long from any computer with internet access, by simply entering our web page: