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E-commerce Services for Merchants

Credit Cards

Focused on Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay International and American Express credit card account processing in order to best capture your customers' most likely choices of payment to your company.

Payment Gateways

Partnered with industry leaders such as, First Atlantic Commerce, Paypal, Plugn´Pay, and Network Merchants; Credicorp can either utilize your preferred e-commerce gateway or find a solution on your behalf that best suits your needs.


Our processors are the best in their industry and supplement their platforms by furnishing merchants with a comprehensive selection of value-added services, including online transaction reporting and reconciliation, chargeback and retrieval services, and individualized customer and technical support.

How to start processing with Credicorp Bank

You are only 5 steps away from creating your merchant account

Fill-out a Merchant Account Application form and attach six months of processing history and an identification.

Credicorp Bank completes the pre-approval process and request any additional information

Upon receiving the required documentation and completing the due diligence, a processing contract is send to the merchant

On acceptance of the contract, Merchant ID & Terminal ID codes are given to merchant and a Merchant Bank account is opened

Testings begins with your gateway(s) and processor(s) taking 3-5 days