Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Filling this form you make a report card lock key, which will be emailed to the person in charge. The information has a mark of * is a prerequisite.

*  Type of Card:
*  Fullname on the Card:
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(Your card will be available within 5 working days, your request will be answered within 24 working hours. )
The request stems from a date and time however, it can be delayed for various reasons that exonerate Credicorp Bank from any liability or damage that may result from this application. If you believe your personal identification number or PIN is compromised, please contact the numbers below for an immediate lockout

By submitting this application I agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT. I hereby irrevocably authorize Credicorp Bank, SA to request and provide to any financial institution or third party, any information it deems appropriate on the obligations, operations or transactions I have or will have with any of them and with Credicorp Bank, S.A. Also exonerate the bank of any consequence resulting from the exercise you do for this authorization. UNREPORTED DEBT deserves NEGOTIATION for this credit.

You can also call 800-7555 or 210-8255 available 24 hours 7 days a week.