Processing Online Payments With A Merchant Account

If you want your business to grow, it is imperative that you accept online payments, since 80% of consumers prefer to make secure transactions via credit cards.

However, it is not possible to accept web payments without a merchant account.

Bank Services and ecommerce, in one place

Credicorp Bank was the first financial institution in Panama to offer e-commerce solutions and it is one of the most important merchant processors in Latin America, with strong connections in Central and South America, the Carribean and South East Asia. Credicorp Bank provide progressive technology solutions today with the stability your business requires and years of experience you can count on. Working with Credicorp Bank´s e-commerce consultants, you will find a world class private banking experience with a personalized attention. Our bank’s officers are always available to help you build and affiliate your ecommerce business.

Credicorp uses First Data Merchant Services, Evertec Inc., EPX to provide you a secure, reliable, and easily customized processing platform for all your business needs.

E-Commerce Merchant Services

Credicorp Bank provides merchant banking services that enable companies to accept credit card payments online on their point of purchase.

Credicorp Bank´s Merchant accounts allow companies to process payments via credit cards and provides advanced features such as an API, recurring billing, PCI secure, Token ID’s to allow recurring billing, which are necessary to offer a full service in todays e-commerce.

Our international merchant bank accounts are backed up by state of the art technology which allows to manage your business anywhere in the world 24/7.

Merchant Account With Recurring Billing Services

Recurring payments is a necessary feature that requires advanced sophisticated backend protocols. Instead of your repeat customers having to enter their card details on the payment page for every single transaction, recurring billing allows you to store your customers card details as a token on Credicorp Banks backend, that way you can be fully PCI compliant and offer your customers a one click check out service for repeat sales, or a subscription billing service.

Merchant Account Payment Gateway

Credicorp Bank has relationships with major merchant gateways such as [NMI] which mean that documentation, account setup and integration will be seamless for any company with an existing merchant account who whishes to switch to Credicorp Bank.

Here is how the merchant account and the payment gateway interrelate with each other.