Checking Account (legal)

This is a checking account created especially for businesses or corporations which require managing banking transactions through checks, transfers, or special permanent instructions.

  • Minimum balance of B/1,000.00 in Panama and Colon branches, and
  • B/500.00 for the rest of the provinces.

Merchant Account Checking Account

This is a checking account especially created for E-Commerce clients. It can be defined for a natural person (Point of Sale only) or a legal entity. It does not accrue interest.

Checking Account in Euros (€)

Credicorp Bank offers its client the possibility of managing Euros through a checking account.


  • Cash deposits and withdraws.
  • Sending and receipt of international transfers.
  • Purchase of wires in Euros



The same requirements for opening an account in US$


Minimum opening amount €1,000.00


Average balance €1,000.00

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