Outgoing International Transfers

  • Complete International Transfer form from your Online Banking (Click on the following link to view the tutorial – https://youtu.be/HbvAgd0Yskc)

Incoming International Transfers

  • To receive a transfer of funds to your Credicorp Bank account, you must provide the payer with complete information about the intermediary bank.
  • The bank will request confirmation of the origin of the funds, and the client must present the documentation that supports it for its approval and application to the account.
  • Intermediary Banks in U.S. Dollars:
  • Intermediary Banks in Foreign Currency:

Management Checks and Money Order

Credicorp Bank offers you the issuance of Management Checks and International Bank Transfers on US$, through our branches.

Buy & Sell of Euros €

We offer the service of buying and selling Euros € to regular bank clients and non-clients, the best quotation and quick service. (This purchase service is physical, it does not apply to international transfers)

Minimum and maximum amount for purchase:

  • From €50.00 to €1,000.00 per transaction.
  • Maximum €5,000.00 per month per client.

B2B Connect 

Visa B2B Connect is an innovative multilateral payment network, which offers you an alternative cross-border solution capable of solving the unpredictability associated with current processes of correspondent banks.

Based on Visa’s reputation and experience, Visa B2B Connect offers optimized liquidity and the ability to rationalize relationships with correspondent Banks.


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