Help establish, strengthen or even rebuild your credit with a card that is simple and convenient.


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Credicorp Bank offers

  • No annual membership fee
  • Excellent interest rate

Payment Channels

  • Branch offices
  • Online Banking
  • ACH
  • Automatic Debit
  • E-Payments

Other Services

  • FREE email account statement service
  • Service of notification of all transactions with your card by e-mail
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking

Brand benefits

  • Protection of Purchases: coverage up to $ 100 per event, maximum $ 200 in items that are damaged or stolen within 45 days of the purchase date
  • 2 x1 on tickets to the Cinemark on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays when paying with your card
  • 50% discount in Valet Altaplaza Parking, when paying with your card and submit a purchase voucher for at least $ 50.00 ATM network
  • MasterCard / Cirrus around the world for cash withdrawals



Pledge a savings or fixed-term account for 125% of the desired line of credit


Full passport, with arrivals and departures


Ingreso mensual desde $1,200.00


Jubilado: dos últimos talonarios de pago (quincenas diferentes)


Asalariado: último talonario de pago o carta de trabajo y última ficha de Seguro Social


Independiente: presentar dos últimas declaraciones de renta y estados de cuenta bancarios de los últimos 6 meses


Extranjero sin cédula: pasaporte, permiso de trabajo, carné de migración y certificación de ingresos

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