The new Visa Joven is a modern pre-paid and rechargeable card especially designed for youths. It is an easy, fast, comfortable, and safe way of giving money to teenagers for them to do their shopping while at the same time teaching them to have financial responsibility.

¿How does it work?

  1. Parents deposit money on the account
    What can it be used for? Expenses for books, clothing, gasoline, vacations or emergencies. Where does the cash come from? From a credit card, checkbook, savings account or even a regular transfer addressed to the Youth Visa
  2. The children proceed to use the Youth Visa Card in commercial establishments.
    You can also use it to make online purchases to 20 million commercial locations where Visa cards are accepted. The purchases are immediately deducted from the card. If the account is low, the affected person will not be able to buy.
  3. You can check the balance through the Online Banking of Credicorp Bank.
  4. Time to recharge the card
    It’s like cash but smarter, safer and is a good tool to educate your children about budgeting and financial responsibility.

A new way to receive gifts: Parents and other relatives can give them gifts by depositing money in the Visa Joven card. It is faster and safer than sending a check or cash.

* If you are foreign you will need: 

  • Father passport.
  • Father must have a valid relationship with the bank.
  • Cost $26.75 (ITBMS included)

Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits for teenagers

  • "Coooler" than cash: Because Visa Joven is a financial tool that teaches you about the responsibility and administration of your own money, it also has a unique and transparent design.
  • Flexibility: It is a global acceptance card that can be used for purchases either in your favorite stores, ATMs or online.
  • Independence: To make purchases responsibly by themselves, without having to ask for a credit card to their parents or carry cash.
  • Security: It gives them the peace of mind of not having to carry cash.

Benefits for parents

  • Travel accident insurance: When you buy your tickets with the Visa Joven card, you will be insured against accidents during the trip with a coverage of $ 75,000. applicable to all recognized tourism transports. It also includes coverage against fraud, theft, loss or fraudulent use of your card.
  • Comfort: It is a better alternative to give the teenager money for his expenses without having to give him cash or a credit card.
  • Financial teaching tool: As with Visa Joven your children learn to manage their own budget by having to manage a quantity of money on their prepaid card. Control: Being a prepaid card, parents or guardians control the spending limit and can monitor over the internet how, when and where the teenager spends.
  • Peace of mind: Both parents or guardians and children enjoy greater protection and peace of mind in the event of an emergency while traveling or facing the need to withdraw cash.



Complete Application


13-17 years old.


Birth certificate of the young person.


Father's ID.


Father's signature.


Cost of $ 26.75 (ITBMS included)